Coronavirus Update: Jharkhand Govt. announces permission to all distilleries in the state to produce alcohol based sanitizers

In the wake of the wide spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Central Government vide. Order dated 13th March 2020, has notified “Hand Sanitizers” as an Essential Commodity under the Essential Commodities Act up to 30th June, 2020.

According to reports, the demand of hand sanitizers/ hand rubs took tall growth in the recent weeks and the existing manufacturing facilities were unable to fulfill the demand. It also comes to notice that overpricing black marketing and hoarding of sanitizers took rise. In order to meet the growing demand of hand sanitizers, Government of Jharkhand permitted all the distilleries in the state for production of alcohol based hand sanitizers and hand rubs formulations.

The recommended formulation by World Health Organization for 100ml :
Ethanol 80 ml
Glycerol 1.45 ml
Hydrogen peroxide solution H2O2 – 0.125 ml
Purified water- a sufficient quantity to make up to 100 ml

According to the order passed, The State Drugs Control Directorate, Jharkhand granted permission to all the distilleries to produce hand sanitizers based on the above formula and the terms and conditions mentioned in the notification.

Click here to view the notification Government of Jharkhand – Permission to produce sanitizers


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