Covid-19 impact: Farmers in Andhra Pradesh face labour shortage


Farmers that have started the agricultural activities in their fields are worried as they are not getting labourers to work in their fields. The shortage of labour has been increased due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of labourers across the neighbouring states come to Andhra Pradesh for a work opportunity and help farmers in the farming activities during the season and return to their native places after the end of the season. But this time the labourers have left for their home since April due to the fear of coronavirus pandemic and have not returned yet.

According to the news report published in The Hindu, the mood is downbeat among farmers, hoteliers and owners of manufacturing units, factories, aquaculture companies and other organisations in the state due to the acute of shortage of labourers. Hundreds of middlemen used to earn their livelihood by providing labourers to sugarcane and other farmers.

Farmers say they are facing the shortage as there are shortage of labourers to assist them in farm work.

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