Crops washed away as water tank breached in Andhra after heavy rainfall

Prakasam (Andhra Pradesh), September 26 (ANI): A water tank was breached in the Penchikalapadu village here on Saturday after monsoon rains thundered over the region, drowning standing paddy and chili crops.

According to Srinu, a farmer who suffered crop losses due to the inundation, this was the second time the bund of the tank had been breached in the last month. “There are 150 acres of cultivable land under this tank. The tank was breached late last night and water flooded the farms. All our crops have been washed away. Last month also the tank was breached and we did not receive any compensation. It is the fault of the engineers who did not rebuild the bund properly after the last incident. We request the government to compensate us for our losses,” Srinu told ANI.

“All our crops have been damaged. We could not even collect a single grain of paddy after so much hard work and investment. This is a huge loss for my family. How will we recover from this? Who will help us?” Eswari, another farmer who suffered crop losses lamented with tears in her eyes

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