Crushing season 2020-21: Sugar recovery reaches above 10 per cent in Kolhapur region


161 sugar mills have commenced sugarcane crushing operations in Maharashtra till 03 December 2020. Considering average sugar recovery, mills are also performing well in the state. As of now, recovery is 8.76 per cent.

Kolhapur is the only region in the state, which has crossed 10 per cent average sugar recovery in crushing season 2020-21. Kolhapur region has recorded 10.13 per cent recovery. Total of 34 mills are engaged in crushing operations and produced 44.76 lakh quintal sugar.

According to the sugar commissionerate report, 161 sugar mills are in operation in the state. And by crushing 205.17 lakh tonne sugarcane, mills produced 179.82 lakh quintal sugar. The higher production is because of the earlier start of crushing operations and higher availability of sugarcane in this season.


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