Cyclone impact: Sugarcane and other crops affected in 18 districts of Tamil Nadu


Chennai: The sugarcane and other crops grown in the Tamil Nadu have been severely affected due to cyclone Burevi. The crops on 2.5 lakh hectares in 18 districts from the state have been severely damaged.

According to the officials, the crops fields are completely submerged due to the cyclone and efforts are on to drain the water.

According to the news report published in, official said, “If water stays in the field for more than three days, it would be difficult to save the crops. If the yield loss is more than 33 per cent, the crops are considered damaged. Rainwater has inundated millets (11,998 ha), oilseeds (3,867 ha), pulses (11,461 ha), cotton (7,166 ha) and sugarcane (12 ha).”

The state government has already asked the centre to provide assistance to tackle the situation and help farmers recover from the losses caused due to the cyclone.


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