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ChiniMandi, Mumbai – Saturday, 2nd February, 2019

Domestic: With the heavy monthly release order the market sentiments have remained weak and the week ended in a bearish trend. In Maharashtra,millers will now have to depend on local trade as there will be no movement towards Northern markets as UP & Gujarat have more quota in the current month. Seems like soon Super S and M/30 PP bags will be traded at MSP rates. In resell, S/30 Grade Old Sugar was traded at ₹2870 to ₹2880, New S/30 ₹2880 to ₹2895. In Uttar Pradesh Market the bearish trend continued, M/30 sugar is trading at ₹3055 to ₹3110. In Gujarat S/30 was trading at ₹2930-₹2960, whereas in Chennai S/30 was traded at ₹3300-3340.

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