Daily Sugar Market Update By Vizzie – 13/06/2020


ChiniMandi, Mumbai: Saturday 13th June 2020
Domestic Market: There was good demand witnessed nationwide with the ease of lockdown around the nation.
Maharashtra: S/30 Sugar rates from millers are Rs.3130 to 3190 per Qntl
Uttar Pradesh: The rates for M/30 are Rs. 3275 to 3310 per Qntl.
Gujarat: The rates for New S/30 are Rs.3191 to 3200 whereas M/30 are at Rs.3220 to 3250/Qntl.
Tamil Nadu: S/30 Sugar rates are Rs.3400 to Rs.3450 whereas, M/30 rates are Rs.3450 to 3500.

International Market:
According to reports, Sugar prices on Friday fell to 1-week lows on increased Brazil sugar output and slack ethanol demand. Sugar prices were also under pressure Friday from weakness in crude oil and the Brazilian real. WTI crude oil fell to a 1-1/2 week low Friday.

Currency, Commodity & Indian Indices:
Indian Indices ended low this week one percent lower after gains for two straight weeks. According to experts, in the coming weeks, markets are likely to remain under pressure

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