Daily Sugar Market Update By Vizzie – 25/07/2020

ChiniMandi, Mumbai:Saturday 25th July 2020
Domestic Market: The market remained stable.
Maharashtra: S/30 Sugar rates from millers are ₹3200 to ₹3240/Qntl whereas M/30 ₹3280 to 3350
South Karnataka: The rates for S/30 are ₹3350 to 3400 and M/30 are ₹3450
Uttar Pradesh: The rates for M/30 are ₹3290 to 3355/Qntl.
Gujarat: The rates for New S/30 are ₹3311 whereas M/30 are at ₹3331 to 3341/Qntl.
Tamil Nadu: S/30 Sugar rates are ₹3400 to 3475 whereas, M/30 rates are ₹3450 to 3475
(All the above rates are excluding GST)

International Market:
According to reports, on Friday sugar prices on declined with New York sugar at a 1-week low owing to ramped up sugar production in Brazil and weak ethanol demand
New York sugar closed down -0.28 at 11.49/lb whereas London white sugar closed down -6.70 at $350.30/tn

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