Daily Sugar Market Update by ‘Vizzie’ – 31/08/2019

ChiniMandi, Mumbai – Friday 31st August 2019

After the announcement of sugar monthly release quota for September 2019 which is 19.5 LMT, the market sentiments reacted very positively and prices jumped Rs.100 to Rs.120/Qntl. September month’s quota is likely to extend the sweetness in the market as the festive season kicks in which increases demand in the market. According to marketmen, today, in Maharashtra the rates for S/30 sugar are Rs.3200 to Rs.3300/Qntl, in Gujarat the rates for S/30 are Rs.3250 to 3280/Qntl and M/30 Rs.3350 to 3400/Qntl are, in Uttar Pradesh the rates for M/30 are Rs.3450 to 3500/Qntl. (All rates are excluding GST).


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