DDO Code allocated to four new districts of sugarcane department i.e. Ambedkarnagar, Sambhal, Shamli and Hapur


Lucknow: In view of the wider interest of the sugarcane farmers of the state to bring equality in the economic rights of the cane dominated districts, with the kind grace of Hon’ble Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Under the guidance of Shri Suresh Rana, Hon’ble Minister for Sugar Industry and Cane Development, and the efforts made by Shri Sanjay R.Bhoosreddy, Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industry and Cane Development, U.P. Government have given the right of withdrawal and disbursement by allocating D.D.O. Code to D.C.O’s of four new districts i.e. Ambedkarnagar, Sambhal, Shamli and Hapur.

In this regard, Shri Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industries and Cane Development said, that the Government of U.P. has allocated DDO Codes to Ambedkarnagar, Sambhal, Shamli and Hapur districts of Cane Development Department. Due to the allocation of D.D.O. codes the financial rights of these districts will increase and their dependency on other districts will reduce, as well as the sugarcane farmers of these districts can now get benefits of Cane Development scheme directly from the treasuries of their own districts. It was also informed by Shri Bhoosreddy, that Ambedkarnagar district was created in the year 1995, Shamli and Sambhal district in 2011 and Hapur district was created in year 2012 by the state government. At present the number of sugarcane farmers is 68 thousand in Ambedkarnagar district, 1 lakh 60 thousand in Shamli and about 73 thousand in Sambhal and about 51 thousand in Hapur. Since creation, due to the non-allotment of the D.D.O.Code to the District Cane Officer / Seed Production Officer, Lacks of farmers of these districts had to run in two districts to get the benefit of various Cane development schemes operated in the district plan, RKVY and other schemes because the payment of grants was being done through treasuries of other districts. This process was creating unnecessary delay in payment of grants of various scheme as well as salary etc. of departmental staff. There was difficulty in proper supervision and audit of the physical and financial progress under the schemes. Thus some districts were facing difficulties for 9 years and Ambedkarnagar district was facing difficulty since 25 years.

He said that after this decision, there is happiness among the farmers and employees of these districts, because this decision will bring equality to the economic rights of the cane dominated districts and departmental work will also run smoothly. District Cane officers and seed production officers of these districts have been instructed to immediately contact the treasury and take action according to the new process.

The Hon’ble Cane Minister also told that keeping in mind the convenience and need of sugarcane farmers, the Government has now decided to make payments from the treasury of their own district and as a result of this, the sugarcane farmers of Ambedkarnagar, Sambhal, Shamli and Hapur districts have expressed their happiness and welcomed this decision by showing gratitude to Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P.

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