Deadly rain fury: Flood related death toll reaches above 1,000


New Delhi: Heavy rains across India have thrown life out of gear and claimed many lives this monsoon. As per reports, already around 1,058 have lost their lives due to heavy rain and flood. Last year overall toll was 1,211. This monsoon, death counts are increasing day by day. So, the current death’s figure is likely to incline.

Due to the monsoon fury, in Kerala, over 150 people have died. Floods and landslides in Karnataka have killed at least 94 people. Most number of death is recorded in Maharashtra, where floods have caused extraordinary damage. According to the home ministry assessment, Maharashtra has registered the death of 245 people due to flood-related incidents, followed by Kerala (155), West Bengal (154), Bihar (130), Gujarat (107) and 94 in Assam.

So far, over 18 lakh people have been rescued across India by state and central agencies. In 152 districts, over 7,800 relief camps have been opened to give shelter to flood-affected people.

Flood not only claimed lives but it also caused damage to the properties, crops and others worth thousands of crores. Industry bodies and political parties have also assessed the situation and suggest that only in Maharashtra flood caused the estimated loss of at least Rs 10,000 crore following the closure of industries, severe damage of crops, and others.

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