Decision to have regulatory cultivation in Telangana will benefit farmers: K Chandrashekar Rao

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 13 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said that a decision to have regulatory agricultural cultivation in the state has been taken with the sole aim of benefitting farmers.

According to a statement from Telangana Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), Rao wants farmers to cultivate the crops suggested by the government. He also declared the regulatory cultivation of paddy would begin from the forthcoming Monsoon season. It was decided that paddy would be cultivated in the state in 50 lakh acres. The Chief Minister has decided to interact with the field level officials in this regard on May 15.

The Chief Minister held a high-level review meeting at Pragathi Bhavan here on Tuesday on change of cropping pattern and setting up of crop colonies. “About 90-95 per cent of the population in our society is dependent on the agriculture economy. We have to ponder on how to get respectable prices for the crops cultivated by farmers in our state,” the Chief Minister said.

“The practice of everyone cultivating the same crops should go way. Nobody in the market buys crops cultivated by farmers according to their wishes and fancies. One should cultivate crops, which have demand in the market. Produce the commodities that will sell. The government is taking responsibility and suggesting farmers what to cultivate for better profit. The government is giving such crops the Minimum Support Price. There should be a qualitative change in farmers thinking,” he said.

“The state government has made several attempts to bring in a change in the farm sector. The government is solving each and every problem of the agriculture sector in the state one by one. The power problem is solved. By next year Monsoon season, water issue will be resolved,” he said.

“The state government is buying the agriculture produce in the state, which no other state government or the Centre did in the country so far. Though Corona is there in every state, no other state government made any attempt to buy the entire crop. Only Telangana is doing so. Schemes like Rythu Bhima, free 24-hour power supply are not being implemented anywhere in the country,” the Chief Minister said.

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