Delhi To Experiment Artificial Rain

ChiniMandi, Delhi: After being called out as earth’s most polluted city, a recent study showed that this pollution has already shortened lives of millions of citizens by 10 years. This is a high alert for the Govt and the city to take aggressive actions against this issue.
Scientists from IIT Kanpur are soon to attempt an artificial rain experiment in NCR region to curb to air pollutants in air. This will be the first time that India will witness artificial rain.
According to a source, the pollution concentration at Delhi in 2016, averaged 113 micrograms per cubic meter. Based on the research life expectancy would be more than 10 years longer for people if the World Health Organization standards had been met. However, Delhi’s annual average PM2.5 concentration was 114 microns/cubic metre. WHO standard is 10 and the Indian standard is 40.



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