Demand of Rs 3,300 per tonne of sugar cane not practical: Millers


Kolhapur: The sugar millers and experts have claimed that the demand of Rs 3300 per tonne as first installment made by Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana leader Raju Shetti is not practical.

They have stated that the sugar mills are not in position to pay farmers at this rate as they are reeling under financial burden.

At the 20th Sugarcane Conference organised at Jaysingpur in Kolhapur district on Tuesday, Shetti made a demand of Rs 3,300 per tonne as first installment for sugarcane from sugar mills. The sugar mills on the other hand are offering Rs 2800 to Rs 3100 per tonne to the farmers.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, Arun Lad, chairman of the Kranti Cooperative Sugar Mill said, “The current situation does not permit the millers to pay as per the demand. We are ready to pay a one-time amount equal to the fair and remunerative prices (FRP).”

Sugar industry expert Vijay Autade said, “Millers are not in a position to pay what the farmers’ leader is demanding. Looking at the loans, maintenance and operation costs along with salaries of the staff, only the financially stable mills are in a position to pay equal to the FRP.”


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