Demand to ban sugar export in Pakistan

Karachi: The Shortage of wheat and sugar has led to the hike in the prices of these commodities. To low down the rates, the Sindh has demanded to stop the export of these commodities.

Ismail Rahoo, Minister for Agriculture, Sindh issued a statement stating that “The federal government knows about the shortage of the commodities and should stop their export. The export of one million tons of sugar is the reason behind a shortage of sweetener.”

The sugar is an essential ingredient in the Pakistani cuisine and its price has registered hike of Rs 10 per kg in one week from Rs 64 to Rs 74 in the wholesale market.

According to sugar traders association, the ‘speculation mafia’ have hiked the sugar price in the country. The price of sugar in Lahore market is Rs 80 per kg. In Faisalabad too the price of sugar has hiked by Rs 8 to 10 per kg. It has become difficult for a common man to buy sugar.
Sugar prices in Pakistan are skyrocketing; therefore, the government is exploring for ways to reduce it. The Price Monitoring Committee, in its recent meeting, expressed serious concern at the hike in sugar price.

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