Demand to hike salary of sugar industry workers


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Yadrav: Salaries of sugar industry workers have been hiked from time to time as per the recommendation of several committees and state wage board for labours. The differences between the labor leaders resulted in workers getting 3 per cent less hike in 2014 when compared with 2009. Sakhar Kamgar Federation workers have demanded a hike of 30 per cent in wages including a 40 per cent hike in basic salaries.

Workers’ salaries were hiked in 2014 but they received payments as per new norms after two years. They had to bear a loss of two years.

Bhai Jagtap, who is leading the Maharashtra Rajya Sakhar Kamgar Federation, has demanded to set up a tripartite committee to hike workers’ salaries by 30%, dearness allowance, retention allowance and several other demands including medical facilities to the workers. He has made the demand to the state government in February 2019.



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