Demand to start closed sugar mills in Bihar


Supaul, Bihar: Migrant workers are returning back to Bihar, and with this now they want the government to set up industries in the state, so they don’t have to other states in search of jobs. According to the news report published in Live Hindustan, people stages demonstration, under the leadership of Kisan Congress State General Secretary Laxman Kumar Jha, demanding the commissioning of all types of industry in Bihar.

They urged Bihar government to start all closed industries including sugar mills as this will help in generating employment for the labourers that have returned to Bihar from other parts of the country.

The agitators said that we live in Bihar, vote in Bihar then why should we go outside Bihar to earn a livelihood. The government should restart the closed sugar mills that will help in generating employment and prevent people from going to Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat for work.

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