Demand to take action against sugar millers


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Chennai: Sugarcane farmers in Cuddalore and Thanjavore districts of Tamil Nadu have now upped the ante against the sugar mills claiming that the factories cheated them. Cane growers laid siege to the Viruthachalam Taluk office on Friday, June 21, demanding action against the sugar mills owner who has taken loans in the name of farmers from nationalised banks.

The farmers alleged that owner of Shree Ambika Sugar Limited and Thiru Aarooran Sugar Limited in Thanjavore and Cuddalore districts have fraudulently availed loans up to Rs 300 crore in the name of more than 2,000 sugarcane farmers. The farmers realised that they were duped only when they received notices directing them to repay the loan taken in their names allegedly by the sugar mills owner.

The Tamil Nadu Sugarcane Farmers’ Association has demanded CBI action into this alleged scam, and also action against the bank officials who conspired with the sugar mills owner to get loans.


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