Deputy sugarcane commissioner inspects fields, advises farmers on pest and disease control

Baheri, Uttar Pradesh: The Deputy Sugarcane Commissioner, along with a team from the Sugarcane Department, covered more than two dozen villages in the tehsil to inspect attacks by pests on sugarcane and diseases prevailing during the rainy season. They interacted with the farmers present and disseminated information on the prevention measures.

Deputy Sugarcane Commissioner Rajeev Rai and District Sugarcane Officer Yashpal Singh visited Tulsampur, Biharipur, Laveda, Mudiya Navi Bakhsh, Churaili, and Rajpur.

Deputy Sugarcane Commissioner Rajeev Rai mentioned that last year, the red rot disease in 238 variety caused losses to farmers and the sugar mill. Seed soil treatment and varietal change are the only measures to control it. He advised farmers to use the farm machinery available at the sugarcane committee.


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