Kushinagar: Dhada sugar mill to use cane harvester to cut cane

Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh: In a bid to reduce costs in sugarcane cultivation, farmers are being encouraged to adopt modern farming techniques. Dhadha sugar mill in Purvanchal is set to procure a sugarcane harvesting machine later this month to facilitate agricultural operations, reported Amar Ujala.

The information was disclosed by Om Prakash Gupta, the Assistant Director of the Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Farmers Institute Training Center in Pipraich. He was joined by the Unit Head of the said mill, Karn Singh, during the announcement. The demonstration of the machine’s capabilities is planned to take place in farmers’ fields after its acquisition.

According to Gupta, if the machine’s performance proves successful, financial support from the mill and assistance from banks will be arranged to make the sugarcane harvesting machines accessible to farmers.


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