Dhampur sugar mill appoints 80 teams for sugarcane survey


Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh: Dhampur sugar mill has deployed 80 teams to complete the survey of standing sugarcane crop in around 50,000 hectares area. The survey began on May 17 and the mill plans to complete it by July 15. Till date, the mill has completed a survey of around 12,000-hectare areas.

The sugar mill officials have appealed to cane farmers to remain present in their respective fields during the survey.

Manoj Kumar Chauhan, senior sugarcane manager of the mill said that the survey of the sugarcane crop is underway and the teams are working at a fast pace to cover the area under cane cultivation. We have set up 80 teams and each team has allotted 6 villages to conduct a survey. One officer has been appointed over three teams to ensure that they work as per the norms.



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