Dhampur sugar mill retains top spot in cane crushing


Bijnor: Sugar mills in the Bijnor district are setting new records in the state. Dhampur sugar mill has retained the top stop in the cane crushing in the division. The mill crushed 2,37, 98,000 quintal sugarcane for this season.

Seohara sugar mill has broken its own record by crushing 2,15,59,000 quintal sugarcane this season. The mill has achieved the fourth position in terms of cane crushing operations. Khatauli sugar mill from Muzaffarnagar has achieved the second rank and Daurala mill from Meerut is at third position. Other sugar mills in terms of ranks after Seohara mill are HL Sugar mill from Pilibhit, Mawana mill and Kinauni sugar mill from Meerut.


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