Dhampur Sugar Mills start production of hand sanitisers

As the Coronavirus is rapidly growing in India, there is a huge demand for hand sanitisers. It helps in stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

The Dhamapur Sugar Mills Limited company announced that they have commenced the production of hand sanitisers to meet the shortage amid an outbreak of Coronavirus.

In a filing to BSE on Monday, the company stated that they have started the production of hand sanitizers from March 29 at its Dhamapur unit in Bijor district of Uttar Pradesh.

Central and State Governments are taking all steps to ensure supply of essential items during the lockdown to combat the novel Coronavirus. In order to prevent spread of coronavirus, hand sanitizers are used by public, health workers, hospitals etc. The demand of sanitizers is increasing day by day.

In order to ensure that hand sanitizers are made available to general public and hospitals at a reasonable price, Government has also fixed the Maximum Retail Price of sanitizers. The retail prices of hand sanitizers shall not be more than Rs 100 per bottle of 200ml; the prices of other quantities of hand sanitizers shall be fixed in the proportion of these prices.



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