Digambar Kamat slams BJP govt over decision to close down Sanjeevani Sugar Factory


Margao (Goa) [India], June 24 (ANI): The announcement made by the Administrator appointed by the BJP government in Goa to permanently close down Sanjeevani Sugar Factory, which was established by the first Chief Minister of Goa Dayanand Bandodkar, is a huge blow to sugarcane farmers in Goa, said Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

Kamat asked whether it is an attempt by the BJP to wipe out the legacy of Bahujan Samaj leader Bhausaheb Bandodkar.

“I was categorically assured by the cooperation Minister Govind Gaude that Sanjeevani Sugar Factory will not be closed and interest of the sugarcane farmers will be totally protected. It is surprising that the government has taken a u-turn on the assurance and has made the announcement through the government-appointed administrator. I want to ask Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, what made the government to take such sudden decision, that too during the COVID-19 crises,” Kamat said in a statement.

Kamat said that the Sanjeevani Sugar Factory was a dream project of Bandodkar.

“He established this plant to encourage and promote the local sugarcane growers in Goa. It is most unfortunate that the government has announced the closure of this plant without taking anyone into confidence,” he said.

“I urge Govind Gaude to take all the farmers and stakeholders into confidence with regard to utilization of the land of Sanjeevani Sugar Factory. The BJP government may have some hidden agenda on utilization of the huge land. Minister Govind Gaude should take everyone’s opinion before arriving at a final decision,” Kamat said. (ANI)

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