District Magistrate slams Iqbalpur sugar mill

Bhagwanpur: District Magistrate Dependra Chaudhary slammed the Iqbalpur sugar mill management for negligence. Due to pending documents, the loan amount of 72 crores was not deposited into the mill’s bank account. Due to which the payment for the outstanding cane dues has been delayed. DM has given instructions to complete the paperwork within seven days.

The arrears issue was discussed during the meeting at Chief Minister office on September 12 in Dehradun. In which it was decided to give a loan of Rs 72 crore to the mill management to pay the dues of the farmers. Of which 36 crore was to be given by Punjab National Bank and the remaining amount by State Cooperative Bank, but yet the loan amount has not been deposited into the bank account of the mill.

Farmers who gave sugarcane to Iqbalpur sugar mill are in big trouble. Despite agitation by the farmers many times, the mill failed to clear the cane dues. This has enraged the farmers, and they claim that both government and sugar mill is cheating them. Sugarcane farmers claim that their financial condition is worsening day-by-day as they have not received dues from mills. Farmers assert that they are unable to feed their families, nor able to pay school fees of their children.

After mill failed to pay arrears, the government started auctioning of the mill’s sugar but failed to attract the buyers due to stringent bidding rules.

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