Domestic sugar production in Kazakhstan meets 42 per cent of local demand


Nur-Sultan: Sugar mills in Kazakhstan are not operating to their full capacity and met 42 per cent of the domestic demand last year, said Yerbol Karashukeyev, Agriculture Minister of Kazakhstan.

Local industries produce 191 thousand tons of sugar (35%) from sugarcane and 36 thousand tons (7%) from beet sugar, he said.

The government support to the sector helped in increasing sugar production, he noted. We have set a target to produce 49% of the domestic sugar consumption by producing 44 thousand tons of beet sugar and 225 thousand tons of cane sugar, the minister said.

The sugar mills in the country have a capacity of 2.4 thousand tons of cane sugar and 8.7 thousand tons of beet sugar per day but they are not operating full to their capacity, he added.


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