Drop in cane price will lead to the collapse of country’s sugar industry: National Federation Party

The leader of the National Federation Party (NFP) has claimed that Fiji government’s decision to low down guaranteed price of cane from $85 per tonne by $2.79 will increase the financial problems of the sugarcane farmers and lead them to poverty. It will also lead to the collapse of country’s sugar industry.

According to the media report, NFP leader prof Biman Prasad said, “The $2.79 per tonne of cane price is a significant amount and based on the 2019 total sugarcane crop of 1,806,379 tonnes, growers have lost almost $5.04 million in income.”

Economy Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum asked those who don’t know the sugar industry should not politicise the issue of sugarcane payment

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