Dubai sugar refinery runs at full capacity


The Dubai sugar refinery Al Khaleej continue to run to its full capacity of 7000 tonnes per day because of strong demand.

According to the media report, Managing Director Jamal Al Ghurair said, “Demand has remained strong after drought pummeled Thailand’s crop, reducing supply.

During a phone interview with a Bloomberg Ghurair said, “Based on demand we will keep running to fulfill our contractual obligations, and for the time being we are occupied for the next three months.”

Due to corona, sugar industries across the world are facing a tough time. The lockdown imposed by the government to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic has also affected many sugar mills across India. Mills were unable to sell the sugar amid lockdown, due to which sugar stocks are piling up in godown. But now, as the country is under the unlock phase situation is improving.

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