During UP government tenure, record payment of Rs 1,03,719 crore made to sugarcane farmers

Under the efficient leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and with the guidance of the Hon’ble Minister, Sugar Industry and Cane Development, Shri Suresh Rana, the Cane Development Department is continuously striving to safeguard the interest of the sugarcane farmers, and 100% of cane price payment has been ensured against the due cane price payment of the crushing season 2018-19.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that the Department of Sugar Industry and Cane Development is committed to protect the interests of the sugarcane farmers. Sugar mills of the state have paid 100% cane price to farmers against the due Cane price of Rs.33,048 crore for the crushing season 2018-19. During the tenure of the present Government a record payment of Rs.1, 03,719 crore, including payment of previous crushing seasons has been made to the sugarcane farmers of the state till date.

During the period of lockdown, when most of the industries of the State and the country were closed, then only Sugar Mills of the State continued crushing operations, and during this period in spite of the sugar sale remaining negligible, cane price payment of Rs.5,954 crore was made to farmers. In this payment, the decision to tag the sale price of ethanol and sanitizer for cane price payment was important.

It is also noteworthy that a record 3,262 lakh tonnes of cane crushing and record 365 lakh tonnes of sugar production have been achieved by sugar mills of the state in the last 03 years. In crushing season 2019-20, record cane crushing of 1,118 lakh tonne and sugar production of 126 lakh tonne was done, which is highest in the history of the state.

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