Dwarikesh sugar mill paid cane dues till January 17

Bijnor: Giving priority to the welfare of sugarcane farmers, the Dwarikesh sugar mill (Bundki) has cleared cane bills of farmers that have sold cane to the mill till January 17, 2022, reports Live Hindustan.

The mill has issued instructions in this regard to the concerned sugarcane committees.

With clearing the cane bills for the period from January 11, 2022, to January 17, 2022, the mill has reached the top rank in terms of clearing the cane payments of the farmers.

Ramesh Parshurampuriya, chief manager (sugarcane administration) said that the mill has paid cane farmers that have sold their cane till January 17, 2021, as per the rate fixed by the state government.

We appeal to cane farmers to send fresh cane for crushing so that it will be easy for crushing and would give good returns, he said.



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