E-ganna app for convenience of sugarcane farmers and making cane marketing transparent


Lucknow: In the year 2018-19, the system of survey data, pre-calendaring, parchi issuance etc. being done by the sugar mills was handed over to the cane development societies be the cane department for the benefit of sugar cane farmers. Under the earlier systems, different sugar mills had different portals to get information about survey, supply etc. of farmers through sugarcane information system and different vendors were working for different area for the purpose of issue of slips.

While providing information in this regard, Mr. Bhoosreddy said that For the purpose of bringing complete transparency in determination and uniformity in parchi issuance for smooth cane supply of sugarcane farmers to sugar mills, the cane department has adopted integrated E.R.P. system. For the current crushing season, survey data, pre-calendaring, calendaring and parchi issuance is being done through newly developed sugar cane E.R.P. system so that the desired results cane be achieved as per the Government’s expectations.

He told that the E.R.P. of Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department, is a system under which all the sugarcane farmers of the Uttar Pradesh will be provided with information on sugarcane survey, basic quota, bonding, sugarcane calendaring, issue of slips, sugarcane supply, payment on the same software on the same portal. On E.R.P. portal farmers can get all the information regarding their cane supplies. They can see their survey, calendar and purchi issuance through the “E-Ganna app”. There will be no dependence on sugar mills and no unnecessary interference from the mills.

Through Sugarcane ERP the arrangements for proper calendaring and purchi issuance based on the cane requirement and crushing capacity of sugar mills is being done as per bonding policy in interest of cane farmers. Due to the availability of information such as survey data, pre-calendar, etc. on web portal and mobile app, farmers will be able to supply sugarcane within the stipulated time. Sugarcane ERP Information regarding supply tickets to sugarcane farmers through SMS on their mobile phones, Arrangements have also been made to get the cane weighed by showing the SMS.

The entire system of sugarcane ERP is departmental and all the work of parchi issuance is being done through the cane development societies. Inquiry terminals have also been established in all the cane development societies. Efforts have been made to strengthen the societies by making necessary arrangements, for the efficient running of sugarcane ERP system, which will take various actions at the same time. The societies will ensure quick resolution of complaints lodged by farmers.

In the current season, sugarcane marketing, survey data, pre-calendaring and calendaring of the farmers of Uttar Pradesh is being done through the web portal ‘www.caneup.in and the information is available on mobile app E -Ganna app. Information about calendar, basic quota, sugarcane calendar, supply tickets, and other information are available to all the farmers. Any farmers can get information about himself or information related to any farmer of the state which will be bring complete transparence in the cane marketing systems. In order to prevent human interference and irregularities in the data of sugarcane farmers, arrangements have been made to track the changes in the data and at the same time a dual verification system has been established.

He also informed that there will be no dependence on sugar mills in this system and there will be no unnecessary interference from the mills. In the fortnightly transfer of weighing clerks, there was a possibility of disturbances for arbitrary placements, to prevent malpractices in fortnightly transfers of weighing clerks the transfers will be done by online lottery through ERP.

After this, in the second phase, the HR module, input distribution module balance sheet and TDS modules of accounting etc. will also be added in ERP. So that all the activities including marketing of sugarcane under the department as well as the business, establishment and accounting functions of its agricultural investments can be carried out smoothly through this portal, so that transparency and transparency in the execution of the activities of the department Will also enhance.

Revenue segment is bringing its land accounts online. In such a situation, a module is being taken to link the land holdings of sugarcane farmers through ERP to the Land Accounts Portal of the Revenue Department, so that In the next years, the land holdings of the farmers will be verified automatically from their revenue records and the possibility of error will be removed and the real farmer will benefit.

It is also noteworthy that along with website “www.caneup.in” and “E-Ganna app” for effective grievance redressal, inquiry terminals have also been set up. A 24×7 toll-free number 1800-121-3203, at the headquarters by the sugarcane department. For information related to supply tickets, 24×7 toll-free number 1800-103-5823 has been established by the ERP provider. The problems of farmers will be solved by technically skilled personnel under the ERP system.

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