EID Parry to manufacture sulphur-free sugar


Chennai: EID Parry is reviving its products from contemporary packaging to producing sulphur-free sugar. The company is planning to provide this sugar to all the markets across south India.

Suresh S , MD< EID Parry said, “We are trying to tap the branded sugar market which is less than 5% of the total sugar market in India. There is tremendous potential for growth in this sector and we are focusing on tapping the south Indian market”.

Speaking on the focus on sulphur-free process sugar, he said, “We are one of the major companies in India that are focusing on development of new products keeping in mind the needs of the consumers. Our R&D is working on providing healthy products to the customers.”

Balaji Prakash, SVP Sales and Marketing said, “Customers have become health cautious and are opting for products that are healthy and safe. Keeping this in mind we are planning to provide them a product that will be healthy as well as safe for them to consume.”


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