Ethanol boost: “Petrol to be sold for Rs 15 per litre if…” Nitin Gadkari suggests innovative idea for fuel economy

Road Transport & Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on July 4 suggested an innovative idea for fuel economy. While addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh, Gadkari said, “Farmers of the country will become “Urjadaata”. He said, “I am going to launch new cars in August. These cars will run on Ethanol produced by farmers. 60 per cent ethanol, 40 per cent electricity; on average, petrol will then cost Rs. 15. The imports will reduce, the amount is Rs. 16 lakh crore, and the money will go into farmers’ pockets. We have become the fastest growing economy in the world.”

Recently, in an interview with ANI, Gadkari said, “From August, I will be launching vehicles running 100 per cent on Ethanol. Bajaj, TVS and Hero have manufactured motorcycles running 100 per cent on Ethanol.”

He had stated that like Toyota company’s Camry car which runs on 60 per cent petrol and 40 per cent electricity, through Toyota we will also be launching vehicles which run on 60 per cent on ethanol and 40 per cent on electricity.




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