Ethanol destroyed in fire in sugar mill’s distillery unit

Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh: Around 90K bulk litres of ethanol was destroyed after masive fire broke out in an ethanol tank of the LHSF sugar mill’s distillery unit on Friday night, reports The Times of India.

It took ten hours for the 50 firefighters and three water tenders of the fire brigade to bring the fire under control. No causality has been reported.

We are investigating the matter and trying to find out the cause that led to the fire, said District fire officer Akash Kumar.

The mill officials have assessed the loss as up to Rs 80 lakh.

Ashish Gupta, general manager of the mill said, the quick action by the firefighting department averted the big mishap as there were dozens of tanks around the ethanol tank that caught fire and some of them contain ENA (extra neutral alcohol) which is highly inflammable.



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