Ethanol policy will bring money to farmers: Minister


Shahnawaz Hussain, Industry Minister, Bihar has stated that the Ethanol Production Promotion Policy approved by the state Cabinet on Wednesday will help in increasing ethanol production using sugarcane, molasses and other food grains.

“This will improve the financial condition of sugarcane and other food grains growing farmers. This will bring money to farmers and make Bihar ethanol hub of the country,” he said.

Ethanol is used in alcohol production as well as blended with fuel used in vehicles. At present, the most of the organic chemical in the state is produced at the distilleries in Vaishali district which is around 65-75 kilolitre per day.

The state plans to increase ethanol production to 50 crore litres by 2025, said Hussain.

30 prospective investors have shown interest in establishing ethanol factories and submitted their proposal with the State Investment Board, said additional chief secretary Brijesh Mehrohtra.


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