Ethiopia aims to produce 4,83,000 tonnes of sugar

Ethiopia targets to produce 4,83,532 tonnes of sugar for the current fiscal year started on July 8, 2019. The state agency in charge of sugar development in the country, Ethiopia Sugar Corporation’s CEO Weyo Roba said that main goal of this year’s plan is to surge the productivity of the sugarcane plantations and factories.

Roba said, “To achieve this target, we have planned to produce 483,532 tonnes of sugar ad 21,417,140 litres of ethanol by 2019/20”. He confessed that the performance of the new sugar development projects was not up to the mark.

According to the reports, Wonji Shoa, Metehara, Fincha, Kessema, Arjo Didessa, Omo Kuraz number 1 and number 3 sugar mills are expected to produce 78,100 tonnes, 1,00,296 tonnes, 1,57,517 tonnes, 67,945 tonnes, 12,736 tonnes, 23,809 tonnes and 43,129 tonnes of sugar, respectively. Similarly, Metehara and Fincha sugar mills are expected to produce 8,587,500 and 12,829,640 litres of ethanol respectively.

Around $1.3 billion is expected to allocate for achieving the target, and other sugar development works.

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