Ethiopia anticipates to fully satisfy the local sugar demand

“Ethiopia is anticipating to fully satisfying the local sugar market from domestic production by the end of the next fiscal year, which will start July 8,” said, the state agency in charge of regulating the sugar industry, Ethiopian Sugar Corporation (ESC). The annual demand in Ethiopia is estimated at around seven million quintals.

“Various works have been in pipeline to grow the annual sugar production to over five million quintals by the end of the fiscal years” an official from the corporation commented.

According to ESC, Ethiopia has 1.4 million hectares of land favourable to sugar production. “The country can produce 1,620 quintals of sugarcane per hectare within 15 months,” an official said.

As per the report published in News Business Ethiopia, the annual sugar demand per individuals is estimated at 10 kilograms, and current supply per individual stands at 7 kg whiles the country imports up to three million quintals a year.

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