Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group aims to produce sufficient sugar to meet domestic demand

The Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group said that it is committed to producing sufficient sugar to meet the country’s domestic demand in the next five years by increasing sugar production from the existing 3.6 million quintals to 13 million, according to the media report.

Taking steps to be self-sufficient in sugar production the country has implemented a five-year strategic plan to tackle the challenges in the sugar industry and increase output. The Group’s main objective is to eliminate sugar imports by implementing this plan.

The group is expanding irrigation infrastructure to ensure that the newly built sugar mills get sufficient cane for crushing.

The demand for sugar has been more than domestic production, according to Reta Demeke, Public Relations and Participation Heat at the Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group. The annual sugar consumption in Ethiopia is around 5 to 6 million quintals and it produces 3 to 4 million quintals of sugar.


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