Europe Sugar substitutes Market to grow at fast pace till 2028


The increase in health awareness and other reasons has boosted the Europe Sugar substitute market which is expected to grow at a fast pace up to 2028.

According to the Data Bridge market Research, the market is growing with a CAGR of 7.8% since 2020 and would reach USD 6,625.02 million by 2027. The shift towards healthy foods, diet drinks and other sugar substitute products will help the Europe Sugar substitute market to grow.

Use of technology is helping the momentum of the market and opening huge opportunities in the sector. The use of a wide range of products like natural sweeteners derived from plants and fruits will change the sector completely.

Apart from this the increased concern over diseases like diabetic and obesity has fueled the growth of the substitute market. European countries are focusing on use of healthy food and beverages to tackle these issues and passing laws to boost the substitute market.

In April 2018, U K government introduced a tax on sugar drinks including sodas and cold drinks. This is expected to reduce the consumption of sugar and help in lowering obesity among people.


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