Europe’s 2nd largest sugar manufacturer to invest huge amount to secure more viable future


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German sugar producer Nordzucker who is also Europe’s second largest sugar manufacturer is planning to invest around $113 million from its refinery in Arlov, Sweden to another refinery in the country. The company also aims to invest in new methods and technologies of production.

According to, Axel Aumüller, the COO at Nordzucker announced, in a statement that, “With the consolidation, we not only ensure a long-term sustainable structure in Sweden, but we also get a modern factory with efficient energy-optimized production and significant savings in the long-term. It is an important step to position ourselves as a stable, profitable, and competitive player in the sugar market.”

The project is expected to be completed in approximately two years. The company is also anticipating to lower its energy usage in Sweden by some 20% and reduce its CO2 emissions in the country by 18,000 tonnes/year.

Nordzucker’s decision to shift its operations to Örtofta also allows them to use rail transportation more frequently and reduce its reliance on trucks.



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