Excess rainfall in south Gujarat damages crops, farmers incur huge loss


Surat, September 9 (ANI): The farmers of south Gujarat are facing huge losses as excess rainfall in the region this year led to accumulation of floodwaters in the fields in several districts, which in turn is damaging the paddy crop.

According to Jayesh Patel, President, Gujarat Khedut Samaj, farmers of south Gujarat are estimated to face an approximate loss of Rs 100 crores to Rs 125 crores.

“Paddy and sugarcane are the two main crops of south Gujarat. The total paddy crop is estimated to amount approximately Rs 500 crores,” he said.

Patel said due to excessive rain, water is getting stagnated in the fields, which is not good for farming.

“This has caused a loss of around 20 per cent to 25 per cent of the total production, which would amount to approximately Rs 100 crores to Rs 125 crores,” he added.

The farmers of south Gujarat urged the state government for financial aid to make up for their losses.

Tanay Desai, a farmer from Surat district told ANI that due to the accumulation of water in his field, he faced an approximate loss of Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000.

“We demand that government conducts a survey of losses incurred and provides assistance to the affected farmers,” Desai said.

Several parts of Gujarat received incessant rainfall this monsoon, leading to flood-like situation in many parts of the state. (ANI)

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