Extend permissions for hand sanitizer manufacturers: Centre to states


The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet and sanitizers play a major role in fighting against it, hence the ministry of consumer affairs, food & public distribution has directed state governments to extend necessary permissions to distilleries and other units manufacturing hand sanitizer for one more year until December 31, 2021.

According to the news report published in financialexpress.com, the joint secretary (Sugar & administration) has written a letter to all the chief secretaries of states stating that most of the state governments had issued necessary licenses to distilleries and other units to manufacture hand sanitizers that helped in increasing the production. He said, “Due to these efforts, the production capacity of hand sanitizer could be enhanced to around 30 lakh litre per day and more than 4.2 crore litre of hand sanitizer could be produced.”

The letter also stated that India is also exporting hand sanitizers to other countries. These distilleries were permitted to produce hand sanitizers till December 31, 2020.

The joint secretary has urged the state governments to extend the necessary permissions to distilleries and units that are manufacturing hand sanitizers. This will help us to have sufficient quantities of hand sanitizers at reasonable prices in domestic markets.


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