Farmer from Marathawada commits suicide


Osmanabad: A 55-year-old farmer identified as Dilip Shankar Dhawale committed suicide by hanging from a tree near his house in Kasbe Tadwale village on Thursday. A suicide note found near body has held Omprakash Raje Nimbalkar, the alliance candidate from Osmanabad, responsible for his suicide. The note also mentions the name of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. Nimbalkar has however clarified that bank is accountable for his death.

Dhawale was former vice president of a credit co-operative society and contractor with Terana Co-operative sugar mill. The incident has been registered with Dhoki police station.

During panchnama, police found a suicide note in his shirt’s pocket. It cited financial distress as a reason and has held Nimbalkar and Vijay Dandnaik responsible for suicide. “Both compelled to mortgage my 4-acre land. The land was auctioned three times that lost my credibility in society. Constant drought and cheating with me increased financial distress of my family,” mentioned in the note.

Contractor Dhawale had not received the dues from Terna sugar mill. The note mentions that when he went to meet Uddhav Thackeray, Nimbalkar did not allow him to meet Thackeray.

Police are further investigating the case.

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