Farmers adopting various means to bring back labourers

Jalandhar: Farmers are facing labour shortage due to the migration of labour during Covid-19 pandemic and they are trying various means to bring them back.

According to the media reports, farmers are trying to pay high wages to the labourers and some have arranged free train tickets for them. Some are waiting at railway stations to receive them and some have gone straight to their villages in Bihar and UP to bring them back for work in fields.

One of the farmers from Nawanshahr, Punjab said, “For the first time I arranged tickets for the labourers and also received them at the railway station. I never did this earlier but during the crisis period I don’t want to lose the labourers working in my field as there is a shortage of them in the district.”

Another farmer who had convinced labourers to stay here after the sugarcane crushing season said, “I knew there will be a labour problem once agricultural activities start and I persuaded these labourers to stay here assuring them higher wages and quality work.”

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