Farmers burn sugarcane in protest against sugar mill

Tulsipur: Sugarcane farmers have intensified their protest against Tulsipur sugar mill alleging that mill management has provided seeds of the wrong sugarcane variety, due to which crop has dried up in the field. To mark their protest against mill, cane growers have burnt their dried sugarcane crop.

Sugarcane farmers are seeking action against the sugar mill, for which they complained to the DCO. Following which DCO has assured of action after conducting an inquiry into the matter.

Sugarcane farmers of Dundra village alleged that the sugar mill employees have forcibly given the seeds of sugarcane variety Co-0238 and 239. At the time of planting, the farmers were told that these species are high yielding and will give bumper produce but when it was sown in the field, the sugarcane has dried in the field only a few days later. Farmers claim they suffer huge loss and warned of launching the agitation if the mill fails to compensate the loss.

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