Farmers continue agitation as the eighth round of talk fails


New Delhi: The eighth round of talks between farmers and the government has failed as the farmers continue their demand of withdrawing the new laws and guarantee of minimum support price to their product. The next round of talks will be held on January 8.

The officials have stated that the government wants farmers to discuss these three laws and speak on the difficulties that they may come across due to these laws. But the farmers have demanded to scrap these laws and are in no mood to discuss these laws. Some officials are of the opinion that government wants to discuss the provisions of these laws with other farmers from across the country.

After meeting farmers, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Sinh Tomar said, “The centre wants the farmers to realize the provisions and benefits of these laws and share their doubts. We are expecting the farmers to cooperate with us and we expect that some positive outcome will come on January 8 meeting.”



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