Uttar Pradesh: Farmers decide not to send cane to the Kinouni sugar mill

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh: Farmers in the region are taking a strong stance against the Kinouni sugar mill due to outstanding sugarcane payments, reported Live Hindustan.

They are refusing to supply sugarcane to the mill, and instead asking to crop supply to another mill. On Monday, farmers from several villages in the area arrived at the sugar warehouse and insisted on changing the center to a different mill rather than providing cane to the Kinouni mill.

According to the news report, Kinouni mill currently owes ₹300 crore for the sugarcane season 2022-23, while the sugarcane season 2023-24 is set to begin in a month.

Farmers from Rohata, Bhadaura, Dalamapur, and Chindaudi, among others, visited the sugarcane office on Monday and pressed for changing the center to one that would make immediate payments. Dr. Dushyant Kumar, the District Sugarcane Officer, assured the farmers that sugarcane payments would be expedited, but the farmers are firm on their demand for changing the center.


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