Farmers express disappointment with interim budget, call for action : Kurubur Shanthakumar

Mysuru: A segment of farmers has expressed dissatisfaction with the Interim Budget, asserting that agriculture has been overlooked in the allocation of resources, according to thehindu.

Kurubur Shanthakumar, the President of the Karnataka State Sugarcane Cultivators Association, conveyed disappointment, noting that despite the government’s initial pledge to double farmers’ income, the agricultural sector is facing neglect. He highlighted the unfulfilled assurance to implement the recommendations of the Dr. Swaminathan Commission report aimed at boosting farmers’ income.

Shanthakumar also raised concerns about the absence of a loan waiver announcement, pointing out the significant write-offs of bad debts amounting to thousands of crores for industrialists, while farmers are compelled to bear the burden despite crop failures caused by unpredictable weather conditions. Expressing frustration, he remarked, “Farmers across the country will unite to impart a lesson to the government and vote for change in the upcoming elections.”


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