Farmers in Shamli warn of agitation if sugarcane dues are not cleared by June 30

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh: For the last few years, sugarcane growers in Shamli have had to agitate to demand payment of their dues in time. Now, with the Upper Doab Sugar Mill in Shamli is in the hand to the Triveni Group, farmers are optimistic about getting their payments without a hassle. They also said they would renew their agitation if they were not paid by June 30, reported Amar Ujala.

Farmer leader Sanjeev Shastri Liloun expressed his trust in the Triveni Group but asserted that if the outstanding sugarcane dues are not cleared by June 30, the farmers will be compelled to launch an agitation from July 1. Preparations for a large-scale protest are already underway, and farmers are being mobilized in villages.

Another farmer leader, Baba Sanjay Kalakhande, informed that he had recently spoken to the sugar mill’s GM and received an assurance that the pending dues would be paid by June 26. If the payment is not made promptly, a massive agitation will ensue. Farmer leader Rajbir Singh expressed his belief that the Triveni Group’s takeover of the Shamli mill is in the best interests of the farmers and will expedite the clearance of their dues.


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