Farmers In Thailand Regret Planting Sugarcane Crop

According to sources, cane growers in the Northern-East regions of Thailand have been enduring from low costs and paucity of harvesters because of the prices of sugarcane announced recently for the season on 2018-19. The surplus of Chinese sugar in the global market has mainly been the root cause.

The cane growers have given credence that the prices of sugar declared are too low that they do not even fulfill the production cost,  and on the other hand, the paucity of sugarcane harvesters have added their problems as millers are paying them more than their daily wages, due to which the farmers have to forcibly spend more money on using machines.  This has ultimately increased the cost of farmers more. Farmers therefore have to to spend more money on using machines for their produce, crop distribution and fuel cost.  Farmers anticipate a concrete and sustainable policy to solve the problems they are facing.



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